FINDING COMMON GROUND IN NEW ORLEANS is a short documentary that addresses the social injustice that took place during and after the hurricane Katrina disaster through the lens of poet and activist Walidah Imarisha. FINDING COMMON GROUND IN NEW ORLEANS looks at the effects that Hurricanes Katrina and Rita have had on New Orleans and the surrounding area. Through compelling and often heart wrenching interviews with residents, survivors, activists, volunteers and officials, the landscape of a city devastated by the government’s criminal negligence and trying to rebuild comes to light. This film includes exclusive footage shot in the makeshift bus station jail known as “Camp Amtrak” and interviews with officials at the jail about the city’s criminal justice system, or lack thereof. The short documentary is able, through the lens of personal accounts that speak to broader issues and concerns, to capture the pain, the loss and the hope of New Orleans.

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